Large Animal


The Mediapolis Vetarinary Clinic provides large animal services for cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, and some exotic species such as white-tailed deer and camelids.

Farm Calls

We do not have an on-site working facility, but we have a transportable chute with a palpation cage that we can provide if no chute is available for cattle work. Otherwise, we do provide on-farm care for species that may be more difficult to transport to the clinic location.

Breeding Soundess Exams

The clinic has an Electrojac 5 that can be used on both bulls and rams for breeding soundness examination (BSE/semen testing).

Laboratory testing

We can collect and send in a variety of tissues and fluids for routine and sick animal testing. An incomplete list of available testing includes Coggins (EIA) testing, CBC and chemistry bloodwork, infectious disease diagnosis and monitoring, and post mortem sampling.

Green Tag program

We process calves for Iowa's Green/Gold Tag program.

Sick Animal care

Coming Soon

Pregnancy Diagnosis

We can provide pregnancy diagnosis and staging for cattle and horses, including ultrasound diagnosis if electricity is available on location.

Health Certificates

Both of our veterinarians are federally accredited and can perform examinations and provide health certificates for your intra- and inter-state travel needs.