Pet Emergency Care

What to do When Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

Our veterinarians know that when your pet is injured seriously ill, you can’t wait till the next day to have a professional care for them. That’s why we offer the best of emergency care at the Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic in Mediapolis, IA.


Animal Emergencies

Types of emergencies

It’s important for you to know that if your pet’s condition concerns you, it concerns Dr. Thomas and Dr. Hartter. If your animal shows any signs of the following, we recommend you call immediately.

  • Bite Wounds – Bite wounds are often more severe than they may initially appear. Whether the wound is from another domestic pet or a wild animal, most of the damage lies below what you see on the surface. If such wounds are not treated quickly, the result can be a serious infection and even sepsis.
  • Impact/Trauma Injury – Even when there is little or no evidence of external injury a fall or bring hit by a car may result in internal injuries that cannot be seen. If your pet has sustained a traumatic injury, you should find a veterinarian right away.
  • Toxin exposure – Some of the common toxins ingested by small animals are chocolate, poisons and rat baits, spider and snake bites, toxic plants, fruits and vegetables, and human anti-inflammatory medications and/0r prescription drugs. If you are unsure if your pet has come into contact with something that is toxic, give us a call or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately at (888) 426-4435.
  • Difficulty delivering puppies/kittens
  • Unproductive straining to urinate (this may look like straining to defecate as well, especially in cats)
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Seizures

Recognizing Pet Emergencies

Some emergencies aren’t hard to see. If your dog has stopped breathing or is bleeding profusely, you’ll call the vet without question. We know your dog or cat is probably more a person to you than a pet but remember they still can’t tell you they need to go to the vet.

Come See Us

You can call the Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic at (319) 394-3108 to schedule an appointment today! Our staff will be able to provide you additional information about emergency situations and how you can be prepared.