Laboratory Services at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic

. Many pet health issues require laboratory testing to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Dr. Wendy Thomas and Dr. Seth Hartter offer veterinary laboratory services that include blood work to assist in getting your pet healthy and back living an active and vibrant life. Not only are we able to run several diagnostic tests in-house, but we also have access to off-site specialized testing services that we have partnered with to provide a fast turn-around for advanced or specialized testing for our clients.

Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

Most routine tests can be performed in our laboratory. These include tests for common pet illnesses that have better outcomes when caught early through diagnostic laboratory testing. While some tests provide immediate results, other laboratory tests may take some time. These include skin cultures to diagnose ringworm or urine cultures to test for urinary tract infections.

Many blood sample tests are carried out at our laboratory to provide convenient and rapid test results. Other tests may require specialized equipment or procedures. We start by taking a blood sample from your pet. From here, several important diagnostic tests can be performed.

  • Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC) - To determine the condition and the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. A CBC panel can determine if your pet is dehydrated, has an infection, or is suffering from anemia. If your pet is vomiting, has diarrhea or a fever, pale gums, or generalized weakness, your veterinarian may perform this test.
  • Blood Chemistry Panel - A wealth of information can be determined with this blood test, including your pet's electrolyte levels, and the health of internal organs such as the liver and kidneys.
  • Coagulation (blood clotting) assays - To evaluate the number of platelets and determine the amount of time it takes for your pet's fibrin blood to clot, which can be an indication of vitamin deficiencies.

Other common laboratory tests performed at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic include:

  • Electrolyte analysis - as an indication of dehydration
  • Urine tests - for detecting various types of urinary tract diseases
  • Stool tests - to detect the presence of parasites or eggs of parasites

Dr. Wendy Thomas and Dr. Seth Hartter can instruct you on what to expect before your pet undergoes laboratory testing. Sometimes a stool or urine sample will need to be collected at your home and transported to the clinic. Blood tests are quickly performed by extracting a sample of your pet's blood at our clinic.

We also provide emergency and urgent care services for your pets along with convenient appointment scheduling for blood work. For more information on our animal laboratory testing capabilities, contact the Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic today at (319) 394-3108.