Flea and Tick Prevention

Fleas and ticks can be a huge problem for cats, dogs, and other pets. Unfortunately, these parasites can spread dangerous diseases, irritate your animals, and if you’re not careful, affect the rest of your family too. Fortunately, through flea treatment and tick prevention, you can rid your pet of these dangerous parasites. The veterinarians at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to one of our veterinarians.


Flea Treatment for Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets

Fleas are small, flightless insects that love to make themselves at home on pets and humans. Fleas can establish a home on your cat, dog, or other pet, living, feeding, and breeding. Our veterinarians can help you battle fleas at every stage of their life-cycle.

Successful flea treatment often involves oral pills that will disrupt the flea’s life-cycle, potentially poisoning and killing them. Outside of oral pills, there are topical treatments, including shampoos and sprays. Baths, washing clothing, and other areas that fleas may be hiding can help rid your home and pets of fleas.

You can purchase some over-the-counter products to eradicate fleas. However, they are hardy bugs and you may need some professional help to eradicate them. Reach out to Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic if you need assistance with these persistent pests.

Tick Prevention and Treatment

Ticks may be even worse than fleas. Ticks are extremely hardy parasitic arachnids. Like fleas, they love making themselves at home on your cats, dogs, and other pets. Unfortunately, they can spread dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease.

If you have ever encountered a tick, then you may have seen just how tough they are. Ticks are nearly impossible to kill through crushing. Once they dig into your pet’s skin, removing them is difficult. If you try to rip a tick out, its head may remain burrowed in the skin.

As with fleas, certain pills will poison ticks and disrupt their life-cycle. Generally speaking, these pills deposit chemicals that are deadly to ticks and fleas. Normally, these chemicals are not dangerous to your pets but you should consult with a veterinarian before using these products.

Flea and Tick Treatment and Prevention in Mediapolis, IA

Are you struggling with fleas or ticks? They are common, especially among pets that spend a lot of time outdoors. Fortunately, at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic we can help you deal with these annoying and dangerous parasites. Call Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic today at (319) 394-3108 to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.