Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinations for your animals in Mediapolis IA

We are your source for veterinarian care in Mediapolis, IA, and the surrounding area. Since we are in a rural and agricultural area, it is no surprise that we care for all kinds of animals. Dr. Wendy Thomas and Dr. Seth Hartter provide vaccinations for dogs, cats, and farm animals.


Farm animals

For cattle and horses, and farm animals in general, we make house calls for vaccinations. In most cases, you will have to bring your dog or cat to us for its shots. Often vaccinations are given when the animal is given its yearly checkup. Sometimes booster shots are needed, and you may need to get vaccinations at different times as well.

Domestic pets

For pets, rabies shots for dogs are required by Iowa law. Our clinic strives to provide a safe environment for our staff as well as making sure your family is as safe as possible, so our clinic policy is that all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. There are several other shots that can protect your pet from many kinds of diseases. Some illnesses are related to specific illnesses, like Feline Rhinotracheitis for cats, and Canine Parvo for dogs. Rabies is significant because it can be transmitted to humans and can even be fatal to people as well as animals. Most other illnesses cannot be transferred except in cases of immunosuppression, so please let us know if there is a concern.

Why vaccinate

Vaccinations prevent illnesses, and that prevents costly medical treatments that may be needed if the animal gets sick. Even house pets are going to come in contact with wild animals in some way, and those wild animals can transmit all kinds of sickness if the dog or cat is not protected.

Farm animals are a little different, but the central idea is the same. Vaccinating animals to prevent disease helps them stay healthy, and prevents the spread of illness to other animals. Farm animals will also come into contact with wild animals and need protection against illnesses and viruses they may be carrying. 

Recommended vaccinations

At the Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Thomas and Dr. Hartter use the latest technology and knowledge to make sure your animals have the vaccinations they need. They can also discuss various options you may want to consider when caring for your animals. There are lists of recommended vaccinations for all animals. Remember that even a house pet that rarely goes outside still needs protection. The protection will not only make sure that they are safe from the disease but it will also make sure they are not part of the chain that can help spread the disease.

Come see us

Call the clinic today to get an appointment with your Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic veterinarian. Call and schedule an appointment for a health checkup, and that will include discussing all the vaccinations you need for your pet. We will try to work with your schedule, but we also try to make sure to give every pet the time needed for the best of care. Call us at (319) 394-3108 for vaccinations for your farm animals as well, we are your source for veterinarian care in Mediapolis.