Pet Dental X-Ray Diagnosing

Learn More About Dental X-Ray Diagnosing, a Treatment Offered at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic in Mediapolis, IA. 

Here at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic, we have found that many pet owners want what is best for their pet. However, when it comes to dental care for their beloved animals, they have no idea what type of care and treatment their pet needs. One of the treatments that can be important for pets in regards to their dental health is dental x-ray diagnosing. This is a diagnostic test that helps to uncover dental problems before they turn into painful and expensive issues. Read on to learn more about dental x-ray diagnosing. 


Why Are Dental X-Rays for Pets Important? 

Your pet cannot tell you if their tooth is starting to bother them or if they are experiencing sensitivity in their teeth. Unfortunately, these are some of the early signs of dental problems. It may not be until a problem progresses and your pet is experiencing swelling or excessive drooling, that you figure out something is wrong. Dental x-rays help to catch small dental problems before they turn into much larger and more painful ones. 

What Can Dental X-Ray Diagnosing for Pets Reveal?

A dental x-ray for your pets can reveal a lot of information about their teeth. First and foremost, the x-ray can reveal if your pet has any cavities, how extensive those cavities are, and if the teeth are compromised on the inside. An x-ray may also reveal a fractured tooth, a tooth that has broken roots, cysts on the gums, tooth resorption or teeth that are unerupted. It can be hard to look into your pet's mouth and see all of this information, so an x-ray is a vital tool for diagnosing many of these dental issues. 

How Frequently Should Dental X-Rays Be Done on a Pet? 

It is recommended that your pet have dental x-rays done on their teeth at least once a year. Senior pets or those who may have a history of dental problems may need their teeth x-rayed more frequently. Your vet can help you determine what the right time table is for your vet in regards to all of the pet dental treatments. 

Schedule Your Appointment for Dental X-Ray Diagnosing Now! 

If your pet has never had dental x-ray diagnosing done, or it has been years since it was last done, now is the perfect time to have it done again. When you need a veterinarian in Mediapolis, IA to perform this service, our staff at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic can help you. Give the office a call today at (319) 394-3108 to book an appointment for your pet to have dental x-ray diagnosing completed.