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Importance of Vaccines

Keeping Your Pet Safe with Vaccines

In addition to our outstanding emergency care services, we at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic are proud to provide a myriad of general pet health and wellness services, including preventative pet care. Preventative pet care is an incredibly important component to pet health and wellness and it includes things like ensuring a pet is on the right diet, getting the right amount of exercise for healthy muscle development, and ensuring the pet is on the correct vaccination schedule.

Why Vaccinations Are So Important

Vaccinations, also referred to as inoculations and immunizations, are the act of introducing a vaccine into the body. A vaccine uses a weakened version of the microbe that causes a virus or disease. It essentially trains the body's immune system to protect against a living version of the microbe. This helps prevent pets from ever getting the virus, and in the case they do catch it, helps to reduce the severity of the illness.

Vaccinations are important because when left untreated, certain viruses can cause serious issues and complications in your pet. Some viruses left in the system for too long can eventually become untreatable. Not only do you vaccinate to protect your pet, you vaccinate to protect all other pets. When your pet is vaccinated, you help prevent a virus from being spread and potentially killing someone else's pet.

How Often Does A Pet Need to Be Vaccinated?

Some types of vaccinations happen only once during a pet's lifetime. Other vaccinations must be done on an annual vaccination schedule or once every two or three years. Additionally, what type and how many vaccinations your pet will need depends on what species your pet is, what region you are in, and the lifestyle of your pet. Dogs need more vaccinations than cats. Our team at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic are here to advise the best vaccination schedule for your pet.

Contact Our Team Today to Learn More About Vaccinations for Your Pet

We at Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic know how much you care for your pet. That is why Dr. Wendy Thomas and Dr. Seth Hartter are passionate to find the best health care for your animal. If you live in the Mediapolis area, contact us today to see how we can help you and your animal.