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Emergency Care

Emergency Care in Mediapolis, IA

Accidents and illnesses can affect pets at any time. That’s why having access to emergency care is such a fundamental part of owning a pet. At Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic in Mediapolis, IA, Dr. Wendy Thomas, Dr. Seth Hartter, and our staff provide prompt care for severe injuries and illnesses. Find out more about the kinds of emergency veterinary services we offer at our vet clinic.

Immediate Care for Pets

We provide prompt services for dogs, cats, horses, and farm animals. Our veterinarians and staff are available seven days of the week to handle a wide range of emergencies. We do ask that you call our veterinary clinic ahead of time to let us know that you’re coming in so that we can make sure we have an available exam room for your pet. If your animal has an emergency after hours, keep in mind that we offer immediate care for current clients.

Types of Emergencies

We have the staff and equipment needed to handle various types of emergencies, such as ingestion of mouse poison, ingestion of foods that are toxic to pets, or injuries from cars. If your pet has an emergency resulting from an underlying medical condition, we can treat this type of health problem as well.

When to Seek Emergency Vet Care

You should see emergency vet care if your pet has a severe or potentially life-threatening illness or injury. Prompt vet care helps ensure that your pet gets the treatment needed to reduce the risk of death or serious complications.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Mediapolis, IA, for Emergency Care

If your pet needs emergency care, please contact Mediapolis Veterinary Clinic in Mediapolis to see our veterinarian on call. The number to call to us is 319-394-3108.